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Our Story

From past to present
and looking ahead.

What is the story behind Changing Perspectives?

Born with a rare congenital disorder, Treacher Collins Syndrome, Sam Drazin was inspired to become a teacher as a result of his own experience as a student who looked and felt different than his peers.

He began his career in education as an elementary teacher working in Vermont public schools. He very quickly recognized the essential need for more equitable and inclusive learning environments to ensure that all students can be successful.

After reflecting on his both personal and professional background experiences, Sam Drazin founded Changing Perspectives when he realized the need for comprehensive programs that nurture students to become changemakers and leaders for inclusion and kindness.

How has Changing Perspectives evolved?

Changing Perspectives is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was founded in 2013 with the goal of working collaboratively with schools to support initiatives around equity, inclusion, and social-emotional learning for all students.

Changing Perspectives began with a focus on programming for K-12 schools. However, after the first three years of operations, it became evident that the success of Changing Perspectives should not be limited to just schools. The central focus of Changing Perspectives is applicable to all communities – schools, universities, workplaces, community groups, and more.

Changing Perspectives has evolved to offer a unique, flexible, and scalable model to serve all communities that desire a more equitable and inclusive structure. While staying committed to our core values and mission, this evolution enables Changing Perspectives to reach and impact more people in more places.  

How does Changing Perspectives do our work?

To achieve our mission Changing Perspectives works in four areas:

Curriculum Offerings 

Changing Perspectives offers a curriculum for PreK through High School positioning us to be adopted by entire school districts. Our Educator Portal houses a customizable curriculum structure to support social-emotional learning and disability awareness.

Consultation Services 

Using a multifaceted model, Changing Perspectives consultation services guide communities through a transformative process in addressing issues related to equity and inclusion. Through the use of audits, individual/small group coaching sessions, and resource sharing, we engage all stakeholders to advance their understanding and actions.

Professional Development 

Changing Perspectives offers a variety of professional development training opportunities available in person and online. Professional Development training range in topic to ensure the greatest amount of relevancy to each particular audience we present. Trainings are conducted in a workshop model with opportunities for hands on engagement and facilitated discussion.

Organizational Partnerships

Changing Perspectives does not work in isolation. We network, collaborate and build partnerships with a variety of like-minded organizations. These organizational partnerships provide a variety of benefits but are not limited to; boosting the impact of our mission, our visibility, and revenue/fundraising.

Changing Perspectives

Changing Perspectives is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization registered in the US under EIN 46-3115902

Changing Perspectives

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