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Site Visits

Bring Changing Perspectives Into Your Learning Community!‬

A Changing Perspectives representative supports schools in-person during site visits. During a site visit a variety of programming can be delivered to support the overarching goals of each school. Site visits are an essential aspect‬‭ of our commitment to fostering meaningful connections with school communities. 

Site Visit Process

1.  Pre-Visit Planning Meeting


We collaborate with school stakeholders to define clear goals for the upcoming site.


On-site is maximized effectively, with a focused agenda tailored to address specific objectives and priorities identified in advance.

2.  Site Visit


Engage in the daily activities of the school community, offer immediate support and make observations aligned to previously identified goals.


Build relationships with the school community in order to provide facilitated learning, and gain actionable insights. 

3.  Post-Site Visit Meeting


We consolidate our reflections and findings. This allows us to distill our observations into actionable insights, furthering our understanding of the school’s culture, challenges, and opportunities for growth.


By encapsulating our experiences during the site visit and translating them into strategic next steps, we are able to forge a more profound and informed partnership with the school community.

Site visit activities may include but are not limited to:‬‭

Informal School Walk-Through & Assessment

Changing Perspectives staff will walk through the school site and evaluate strengths and areas‬ of opportunistic growth within specific focus guidelines.‬

Student Focus Groups

‬Student focus groups are explicitly structured empathy interviews with a group of predetermined‬‭ students. The purpose of these groups is to collect valuable feedback from students on their‬‭ experiences at school. These focus groups are emotionally safe spaces for all students to share‬‭ their perspectives on the academic and/or social experience‬.

Educator Focus Groups

‬‭Educator focus groups are facilitated and targeted discussions to collect input, reflections,‬‭ perspectives, and feedback from educators. The purpose of these focus groups is to hear from‬‭ the educator’s perspective what is working well and the areas of continued growth at a specific‬‭ school site.‬

Office Hours

‭ Office hours provide an opportunity for personalized guidance, real-world advice, and support‬ for educators. They can be structured with a premade schedule or more fluid, allowing‬‭ educators to drop in on a needs-by-needs basis. The primary goal of office hours is to deliver‬‭ tailored support to educators, addressing their individual requirements effectively.‬

Structured Observations

‭Changing Perspectives staff observe educators teaching, documenting, and assessing‬‭ instructional techniques, student engagement, and classroom dynamics within a predetermined‬‭ framework to offer targeted feedback and support for professional development.‬

Lesson Modeling

‭Changing Perspectives staff will teach a lesson to allow educators to observe the enhance their‬‭ own teaching practice by having the opportunity to watch.

Changing Perspectives’s visits to our school this year have been very beneficial. We appreciate the ideas and feedback!
School Counselor - Maryland

It was great to have Changing Perspectives come in to lead a class. I always appreciate being able to observe educators in action.

Middle School Teacher - California

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