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Professional Development

Educational Communities

Changing Perspectives offers a variety of professional development training opportunities geared towards educators, paraeducators, and school leaders. All trainings are tailored specifically to the audience and organization we are working with and are available on-site or virtually. Sessions range from 30 minutes to full day.


Professional Development

Changing Perspectives offers a variety of professional development training opportunities available in person and online. Professional Development training range in topic to ensure the greatest amount of relevancy to each particular audience we present. Trainings are conducted in a workshop model with opportunities for hands on engagement and facilitated discussion. 

Hourly Coaching

Individual and small group coaching provide an opportunity for school personnel to receive in-depth and individualized support and technical assistance from a Changing Perspectives coach. Changing Perspectives coaches are trained and prepared to support educators in achieving the creation of more equitable and inclusive school experiences for all children.

On-Site Classroom Visits

Changing Perspectives staff is available to engage with school communities through daily onsite school visits. A school visit may consists of, but is not limited too, classroom observations, co-teaching of lessons, written assessment reports and more. Changing Perspectives is poised to meet with all educators in the school including; classroom teachers, special educators, unified arts teachers.

We Can Customize a Workshop for You

Don't see what you need? Contact us for a workshop customized just for you, your people, and your organization.


Workshops Focused on Social-Emotional Learning

What is SEL?

A critical part of every child’s education, social-emotional learning (SEL) is a framework for helping students develop critical skills for ...
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SEL Embedded as Curriculum

Social-emotional learning is not an add-on; it is an essential element of education that teachers and schools are integrating into ...
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SEL for Complex Learners

How can you address the social-emotional learning needs of your complex learners? This training explores the how and why behind ...
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Building Inclusive Communities To Support Social-Emotional Growth

Through honest discussion and reflection, this workshop helps schools assess how their learning community currently addresses social-emotional learning and inclusion ...
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Workshops Focused on Disability Awareness & Inclusion

Where Do I Begin? Conversations Around Sensitive Topics

In this group professional development session, Changing Perspectives presents five steps for initiating and guiding student discussions about disabilities and ...
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Empathy and Sympathy: What’s the Difference?

Empathy is recognized as a crucial life skill and is a driver for more meaningful and positive relationships. This workshop ...
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Disability as Diversity

Although disability is the world’s largest minority, it is often not talked about in schools. In this workshop, participants will ...
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What Is Disability Awareness?

An essential piece of improving outcomes for all students is nurturing greater self- and peer-awareness. When we educate students about ...
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Empowering Students with Differences

Empowering students with differences helps them to cultivate greater self-confidence and self-advocacy skills. This workshop highlights the value and positive ...
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The What and Why of Inclusion

Inclusion of all students in a school strengthens the fabric of the learning community, encourages empathetic collaboration and communication, supports ...
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Paraeducators as Inclusion Partners

How do schools create authentically inclusive environments for all students? Inclusion can be an overwhelming concept. In this workshop, we ...
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Facilitating Inclusive Play

Inclusive play supports students in breaking down social barriers, fostering continued respect of diversity, and becoming inclusion leaders in their ...
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The What and Why of Inclusive Communities 

Inclusion of people with disabilities is not limited to PreK-12 programs. Inclusion of individuals with disabilities is a part of ...
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Putting Inclusive Practice Into Action

This webinar will provide a forum for sharing specific strategies that can be used in schools. Participants will be led ...
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Learning about other people and their perspectives opens you up to new ideas and ways of seeing the world, which is really important.
Violet, 7th grade

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If you envision a more inclusive, equitable school culture, Changing Perspectives has the services and resources to help you achieve that vision.

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