Changing Perspectives offers content and consultation to support social-emotional learning and disability awareness.

We are committed to building and supporting environments that are more open to and supportive of all kids who are different.

Changing Perspectives offers:

Our work is built on collaboration and partnerships. We partner with related organizations and strive to build a more accepting world.

Looking for free at home social-emotional learning resources to support students? Changing Perspectives offers complimentary resources for parents to support social-emotional growth and development while at home. Click Here to access.

Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Resources are made available through our customizable Educator Portal.  This online platform allows users to access an array of curricular resources, parent resources, educator implementation guides, and more.


Our PreK Empathy & Kindness curriculum is an activity-based program that gives educators tools and resources to implement activities and lessons that align with social-emotional goals for early learning.


Social-emotional learning is a key foundation to promote empathy,  diversity and disability awareness. The elementary years is a formative time to create the framework for ongoing SEL growth.

Middle School

To ensure today’s students can become tomorrow’s inclusive leaders, we must provide them with meaningful experiences to learn about disabilities in safe and respectful ways that promote empathy and connection.

High School

To prepare teens to become inclusive leaders, we must provide them with meaningful experiences to learn about differences and promote empathy and connection.

School Consultations

All School Consultations are available on-site and virtually.

Educators & Paraeducators

On-site and virtual training is available in several formats to support educators and paraeducators. Available options include; full and half-day workshops, individual or small-group coaching , and classroom visits.

School Leaders

To support school leaders we offer individual and small group coaching and school wide audits to facilitate high level systemic change.


Through workshops and resources we strive to engage families in meaningful conversations on how they can support their students at home. Parents are collaborative members of the Changing Perspectives team. 


Changing Perspectives works directly with  students through in person or virtual workshops and assembly style presentations. Content focuses around the themes of kindness, empathy and inclusion.

New Year Note from our Executive Director, Sam Drazin

As 2021 brings hope and optimism following a challenging 2020, I can’t help but sit back, watch the snow fall outside my window, and reflect about all that we have accomplished at Changing Perspectives over the last 12 months. The last year has been a test of...

Investing Stimulus Dollars with an Equity Focus

As districts and policymakers distribute educational funding from the American Rescue Plan, we have identified specific strategies to optimize the positive impact of stimulus dollars on students, especially those with disabilities. Read more at The Center for Learner...

Important Conversations about Diversity and Disability

Talking about disability and other differences between us can be difficult. However awareness of differences is the foundation to empathy. These communications help support our diverse communities and social-emotional learning. While difficult, these conversations are...

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8 out of 10

students say that Changing Perspectives helped them feel more kind, inclusive, and empathetic.

9 out of 10

teachers say the curriculum helped promote deeper understanding, respect, and acceptance of all people.

“Students were very engaged in the curriculum. It built empathy and allowed students to embrace their differences.

– Educator

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