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High School Disability Awareness Curriculum

High School
Disability Awareness

Tools to help your High School students:

  • Communicate openly and honestly with their peers with disabilities.
  • Show support for their peers and others in their community with disabilities.
  • Understand disabilities with a broader/societal lens.

Curriculum Overview

The High School Disability Awareness Curriculum is a customizable toolkit with strategies and resources for nurturing the skills students need to develop the personal and social awareness that enables them to evaluate and understand differences of all kinds, make connections, and problem solve. 

Materials include lesson plans, book lists with discussion questions, and video links with discussion questions.



Spark !5 Activities

The High School Disability Awareness Curriculum Includes:

  • 40+ Lessons Within 12 Learning Modules (30 minute duration)
  • 50+ Book Recommendations
  • 10+ Call To Action Project Ideas and Resources
  • 10+ Activities to Spark Discussion (15 minute duration)

Our curriculum resources are divided into 12 main modules:

• What is Empathy?
• Language & History Around Disability
• Assistive Technology
• Autism

• Learning Disabilities
• Hearing & Vision Impairments
• Social-Emotional Challenges
• Mental Health

• Physical Disability
• Cognitive
• Disability in the Media
• Famous People with Disabilities

Interested in Our Curriculum?

Changing Perspectives' curriculum resources are accessible through  an online platform that allows users to access an array of customizable curricular resources, family resources, educator implementation guides, and more.

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  • Accessed via any browser, anywhere, anytime.
  • Content is added to a Planner via an intuitive drag and drop interface.
  • Days and content are easily added to and removed from the Planner.
  • Planners are easily saved and retrieved.
  • Unlimited planners are available.
  • Planners can be emailed and/or printed and electronic versions contain links to the curriculum.


  • Designed for educator customization. 
  • There is a precurated library of resources, with a variety of media and methods, that allow you to prepare content the way you need and that fit your teaching style.
  • Changing Perspectives experts, and experts in the field of disability awareness, create new content which is added to the Educator Portal each summer.
  • Disability Awareness content is aligned with Common Core standards.

Educator Support

  • Family newsletters, aligned with our disability categories, are available and can be distributed multiple ways (print, email, posted online).
  • Template letters, in Word & Google docs, are available for you to customize and share with parents.
  • Tips & tricks for in-person and virtual presentation of materials are available.
  • A rich Resource Library of materials, for you and to share with others, is included and is regularly updated throughout the year.
  • Individual coaching and professional development is available.

Our Planners allow you to drag and drop the content you choose to a customizable plan for your classroom. Easily add and remove days and content. Durations for the content are shown and are tallied by day for easy scheduling.

Why Disability Awareness for High School Students?

People with disabilities represent the largest minority in the world yet our schools often avoid talking about disabilities. National data shows that students with disabilities are 2-3 times more likely to be bullied or excluded. Disability Awareness is a pathway to empathy, an essential component of social-emotional competence linked to career and life success. By creating opportunities for open, respectful discussion and hands-on activities, learners become aware of and understand differences, including disabilities. In this way, they develop lifelong skills for communicating effectively as collaborators, team members, and leaders. In this way, students are empowered to be agents of change who can model inclusion in their schools and beyond.

Ready to Find Out More?

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