Our Story

Changing Perspectives is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was founded in 2013 with the goal of working collaboratively with schools to support initiatives around equity, inclusion, and social-emotional learning for all students. 

We see our work as having a ripple effect, spreading from classrooms to schools and communities. Collaborating with schools of all sizes, types, and levels, we have engaged tens of thousands of students in grades preK-12 and thousands of educators to inspire empathy, kindness, and inclusion.

Founder and Executive Director Sam Drazin saw the need for programming like this during his years as an elementary educator working in Vermont public schools. Born with the rare congenital disorder Treacher Collins Syndrome, Sam was inspired by his own experiences as a student who looked and felt different than his peers. His personal and professional background sparked a passion for how schools can be a gateway for nurturing students to become changemakers and leaders for inclusion and kindness for all people. 

Changing Perspectives offers schools and youth programs highly flexible, customizable options for supporting social-emotional learning: preK-grade 12 curricular resources and customized school consultation services. These services can be engaged independently or combined based on each partner school or program’s unique needs and goals.

We do not do our work in isolation. We are proud to be partners with these organizations.

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