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Changing Perspectives provides services to educators, school leaders, and educational communities throughout the year to support ongoing and systemic change. We offer professional development, virtual coaching, site visits, and family workshops.

Changing Perspectives offers a variety of services for school communities.

Professional Development

Changing Perspectives offers a variety of professional development opportunities geared towards educators, paraeducators, and school leaders. All trainings are tailored specifically to the audience and organization and offer a combination of 

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching offers educators and administrators access to a trusted Changing Perspectives expert for advice, immediate feedback, technical assistance, and ongoing support to help achieve the goals of a particular classroom/school. …

Site Visits

A Changing Perspectives representative supports schools in-person during site visits. During a site visit a variety of programming can be delivered to support the overarching goals of each school. Site visits are an essential aspect‬‭ of our commitment …

Family Workshops

Family workshops support student learning beyond the school building by providing parents and caregivers with insights and strategies they can use at home. As part of our comprehensive holistic model, our family workshops can be conveniently delivered either virtually …

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Changing Perspectives is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization registered in the US under EIN 46-3115902

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