Educators Speak Out: Hear What They Have to Say in Our Latest Feedback Report! - Changing Perspectives

Educators Speak Out: Hear What They Have to Say in Our Latest Feedback Report!

Changing Perspectives is in the midst of its most prolific year yet! More than 1,400 educators at 141 partner schools (and counting!) in 17 states are engaging 67,000+ students in building the skills that will support them personally, academically, and professionally throughout their lives. We recently surveyed classroom teachers, school counselors, and a variety of school administrators utilizing Changing Perspective programming across the nation, and here is what they have to say.


“Changing Perspectives general lesson plans are easy to follow. Makes it easier to pinpoint missing skills and intervene with appropriate lessons.” -Inteventionist


“Students appreciate a real perspective. It makes it real and human, and can connect more to the topics being discussed.” -Classroom Teacher

“The amazing activities with step by step lesson plans make accessing and delivering the information extremely easy. The various categories seriously expanded my repertoire of successful interventions.” -School Counselor


“Changing Perspectives is very helpful for teachers to support student growth in social-emotional learning”
-Classroom Teacher

Deepens student learning and impact.”
-School Counselor

Students are very engaged and enjoy the discussions.”
-Dean of Culture


“Activities give insight into student perspectives, and how to address situations as they arise. Videos are ones that students can relate to, which then promotes a healthy discussion on the topic.” -Interventionist


“It addresses the attention span of the students. We can have two different discussions within an hour”
-Treatment Provider

Developed other techniques to pose questions or listen to the answers given by the students.” -Treatment Provider

My students became more engaged, and more interested in the topic at hand.”
-Classroom Teacher


“Most of my students are english-language learners and had no prior knowledge or experience with social-emotional learning. Bringing this information to them has really opened their eyes to their own well-being.” 
-Classroom Teacher

“The lessons are wonderful and very meaningful.
-Classroom Teacher


“(Changing Perspectives) allowed us to dive deeper into promoting self, and planning for the future by setting realistic goals.” 
-Classroom Teacher

“Very helpful to have the topics broken down clearly and scaffolded so we know where to start.”
-School Counselor

“Helping our children navigate a very complex world.
-School Counselor


“(Changing Perspectives provides) concrete, practical exercises and activities”
-School Administrator

“(Changing Perspectives brings) growth mindset & other simple lessons that we can fit into advisory period. Concepts that are easy to refer back to.” -Classroom Teacher


“(Changing Perspectives is) really easy to follow, with minimal prep & is engaging.” -Interventionist

“Everything is easy to navigate.” -Interventionist

“Concrete ways to develop skills with students.”
-School Counselor


“(Through Changing Perspectives) I have found different ways for students to understand their disability and also become more empathetic towards others.” 
-Classroom Teacher

“Students were able to connect more with others and see how different characteristics of disabilities connect.”
-Classroom Teacher


“It’s difficult to engage middle schoolers in class. I have been able to connect with more students by using the daily check-ins as journaling activities.” -School Counselor

“I think this curriculum is a great value. I think I have only barely tapped into all the possibilities of using it.”
-School Counselor


“(Changing Perspectives) helps foster important conversations.
-School Administrator

“(Changing Perspectives) provides me with relevant resources and curriculum to implement small group lessons and individual support across four grade-levels.
-School Counselor


“This curriculum has helped me support the students with skills they are lacking.” -School Counselor

Saves me time, and lessons are very relevant.”
-Classroom Teacher

“Students see other kids are going through the same things they are.” -School Counselor


“When a problem or specific need arises within a grade level, the Changing Perspectives curriculum provides a targeted lesson to address that topic.” -School Counselor

Helps all students feel like they belong and assist others in understanding others’ disabilities.” 
-School Counselor

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