Meet Casey McGill, Partner Teacher, Craftsbury Academy - Changing Perspectives

Meet Casey McGill, Partner Teacher, Craftsbury Academy

Casey McGill has been teaching high school English at Craftsbury Academy in Craftsbury, VT for four years and is showing no signs of slowing down! She is especially interested in creating a caring and empathetic environment and is thrilled to implement the Changing Perspectives curriculum in her classroom.

Casey McGill, a high school English teacher at Craftsbury Academy in Craftsbury, VT“Changing Perspectives has great intent in terms of increasing student empathy in regard to a plethora of topics,” she says. “School presents an amazing opportunity and platform with which we can inform students about differences and also teach them how they can respond to such differences. Changing Perspectives lays out organized and specific lessons in order to do just that. The organized units and resources available via the online dashboard are an educator’s dream.”

Casey discovered Changing Perspectives on social media when a former college class tagged her in a post about Changing Perspectives. “My friend knew I would be interested in the program based on my involvement with education, interest in building empathy with my students, and because of my background that includes working with students with special needs,” she explains. “I’ve already taken steps this year to focus on teaching values such as caring, respect, empathy and assertiveness. We have structured various team-building activities in our weekly schedule and the Changing Perspectives lessons fit right in with this structure.”

Casey especially enjoys the format and organization of the Changing Perspectives curriculum, which is broken into phases that includes building awareness and calls-to-action. “I believe that this approach is ideal in that it not only informs students about various differences that they may experience, but it also allows them to practice and explore ways in which they can increase their own empathy and experience what life may be like from somebody else’s shoes,” she says. “The call-to-action portion of this curriculum enforces the idea that students will not only learn about differences, but they will go a step beyond to practice and implement strategies with which to help all people to feel safe, comfortable, and welcome in our diverse world.”

Casey, hailing from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, is also an avid athlete who enjoys crossfit, playing indoor soccer, and attending sporting events. She likes reading nonfiction and learning all about the “inspiring people and events taking place in our world during a time of change and transformation.” Her favorite books include 1984, The Glass Castle, The Giver, and The Outsiders.

As Craftsbury Academy becomes a more empathetic community, Casey is committed to spreading awareness about Changing Perspectives. “I have not seen anything else like it, yet these topics and lessons are what educators are looking for. Also Sam (Executive Director of Changing Perspectives) is an incredible human and the the more I learn about all that he is doing, the more I believe that he needs to be in as many schools as possible so that we can all be exposed to his inspiring and intelligent nature.”

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