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Samples of our Workshops

Disability and Intersectionality

This workshop examines how disability intersects with other identities, such as race, gender, and sexuality, to shape experiences of oppression and privilege. Through discussion and activities, participants will learn how to apply an intersectional lens to disability...

Disability as Diversity

Although it is the world’s largest minority, disability is often not talked about in schools. In this workshop, participants will explore how students with disabilities contribute to diversity in a school population, what general perceptions of disability are, and how...

Empathy and Sympathy: What’s the Difference?

Empathy is a critical life skill that drives more meaningful and positive relationships. This workshop explores the difference between empathy and sympathy and the roles they play in nurturing connected, engaged learners and learning communities. Participants reflect...

Our Latest News

5 Core Competencies of Social-Emotional Learning Fundamentals

If you work in education, it's no surprise that the focus has expanded beyond traditional academic subjects to include the holistic development of individuals. Social-emotional learning (SEL) has emerged as a critical component of education, emphasizing the...

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