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The Power of Empathy

Often discussed as something that we might do (or perhaps should do) to be a good person, feeling empathetic helps us make connections with others and understand them better. It’s different from having sympathy for someone, which means to look at their suffering from...

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An End of Year Message from Sam

Suddenly it's the end of the school year! I'm not sure how that happened, but I want to thank all of our partner schools for partnering with us this past year and to thank all of our donors and friends for supporting our work. It's been a wonderful year of positive...

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Spotlight on Bradford Elementary School

Bradford Elementary School in Vermont has been a Changing Perspectives partner for 3 years. In fact, this school was one of Changing Perspectives' first pilot schools. The leadership at Bradford Elementary School saw a need for this curriculum, explains Adam Norwood,...

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We Need Your Help to Keep Growing

We’re on a mission to cultivate empathy, but we need your help to keep growing! Recognizing and embracing differences is at the root of the Changing Perspectives mission to plant seeds of change and grow empathy. And this program year, our third, we found ourselves...

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Is Your Child a Phone ‘Addict?’

On the heels of two large Apple investors urging the company to address kids’ phone addiction, many parents may be wondering: How do I know if my child is addicted to his or her smartphone? And how can I prevent problematic overuse? There are reasons for concern. A...

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Meet Sam Starr, Social Worker, Gildersleeve School

As Changing Perspectives continues to grow and implement our curriculum into more schools, we’re thrilled to get to know more and more educators. One such educator is Sam Starr, school social worker at the Gildersleeve School in Portland, CT. Sam has been a school...

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Meet Willa Lane, 11th Grader, U-32

Willa Lane is currently an 11th grade student at U-32 High School. She lives in East Montpelier, VT and hopes to have an opportunity to participate in Early College, a program that will allow her to concurrently complete her senior year of high school and freshman...

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