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An Inclusion Collaboration

Changing Perspectives is excited to announce a collaborative project with our friends at Kids Included Together (KIT)! This year, to celebrate Inclusive Schools Week, happening nationwide December 3-7, we have worked with KIT to produce an Inclusive Schools Week...

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Changing Perspectives Needs Your Support

I often describe Changing Perspectives as being at the center of a ripple effect, spreading outward from individuals into classrooms, schools, families, and communities. This past year, it’s been thrilling to see just how far our ripples can reach. I write today to...

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How—and—Why to Listen Until Someone Feels Heard

Many people who choose careers in medicine or at nonprofits are intrinsically motivated to serve others. And yet most of us haven’t received any training to hone our ability to empathize; we just do our best. If we expect every healthcare professional to empathize...

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Virtual World Provides Haven For Those With Special Needs

University of California, Irvine anthropology professor Tom Boellstorff studied LaScala and hundreds of other players with disabilities in his research into how they use Second Life for social interaction that often escapes them in non-virtual settings. Boellstorff...

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Meet Aurina, Director of Curriculum

As Changing Perspectives grows and partners with more schools, our staffing needs continue to expand. We are thrilled to announce our new Director of Curriculum, Aurina Hartz of Burlington, VT. For the past two years she has developed curriculum for Changing...

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Back-to-School Videos

It's back to school season!  From all of us at Changing Perspectives, we wish you a positive, successful and inclusive start to the new school year. We're thrilled to be working with past partner schools and also welcome new schools. As we continue to expand our...

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‘Social Robots’ Show Promise As Autism Intervention

Children with autism could see meaningful social skills gains from working with an interactive robot at home, researchers say. A study published this month in the journal Science Robotics found that kids on the spectrum who spent just 30 minutes a day with the...

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When Schools Meet Trauma With Understanding, Not Discipline

If you know anything about New Orleans public schools, you probably know this: Hurricane Katrina wiped them out and almost all the schools became privately run charters. Many of those schools subscribed to the no excuses discipline model — the idea that if you crack...

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Announcing New Offerings!

As we approach the 2018 - 2019 school year, we're excited to share some exciting updates about what Changing Perspectives has to offer your school. Our Pre-K units feature 50 new teacher resources including original lessons and picture book discussion questions. Our...

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