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Supporting the whole child both at school and at home.

Changing Perspectives is pleased to offer family programming and educational materials as part of our consultation offerings.

Family Workshops

Family workshops are an opportunity to engage with families to educate them on the work Changing Perspectives is doing in the school and offer support, resources and advice on how families can continue to support SEL at home with their children. Family workshops are typically no more than 1.5 hours in length and provide ample time for conversation. The specific content in each workshop will be determined in collaboration with the school and Changing Perspectives.


Workshops Focused on
Social-Emotional Learning

Unpacking Social-Emotional Learning

Though social-emotional learning has become an education buzz word with good reason, many parents and caregivers are unfamiliar with the ...

Supporting Social-Emotional Learning at Home

Looking to engage parents and caregivers in supporting students’ social and emotional well-being at home? Participants in this workshop will ...

Using Literature to Promote Social-Emotional Learning at Home

From picture books to graphic novels and chapter books, reading is an engaging opportunity for students to explore the full ...

Facilitated Forum for SEL

Facilitated by Changing Perspectives, this forum invites parents and caregivers to ask questions, voice concerns, share experiences, and explore resources ...

Workshops Focused on
Disability Awareness

What Is Disability Awareness?

Disability is the world’s largest minority and touches all of our lives in some way. But knowing disabilities exist and ...

Disability Awareness in Action

In this collaborative, discussion-based opportunity for parents and caregivers and their students with disabilities, participants will engage in guided conversation ...

Using Literature to Foster Disability Awareness at Home

Children’s literature is an enjoyable, effective, and safe vehicle for helping students learn about others, explore similarities and differences with ...

Fostering Self-Advocacy

Self-advocacy is an invaluable skill for youth with disabilities; however, many young people with disabilities lack the skills to advocate ...

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