As a new school year begins, we’re thrilled to share an exciting update: As Changing Perspectives continues to grow and develop, so does the dedicated volunteers that compose our board of directors. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our three newest board members. Please welcome them to our Changing Perspectives family:

“My son has Down Syndrome and as a parent I want the same thing every parent wants: for my child to be independent, have opportunities and meaningfully contribute to his community. Helping my family, friends, and neighbors understand what people with different abilities are capable of brings me hope and highlights how important diversity is for humanity and for the success of our society. ” – Education Attorney Luke Webster of Lebanon, NH.

“As a librarian, I love that the program is built upon the spread of awareness by the sharing of sound information. As a mom, I love that the program is founded upon kindness and compassion. With those two concepts driving the train, it would be impossible for me to not be involved in something like this, because it’s essentially what I stand for as a human being.” – Assistant Director of Tuscarawas County Public Library System Andrea Legg of Dover, OH.