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Nov 12, 2018

I often describe Changing Perspectives as being at the center of a ripple effect, spreading outward from individuals into classrooms, schools, families, and communities. This past year, it’s been thrilling to see just how far our ripples can reach. I write today to invite you to support our mission so we can turn these ripples into waves.

Last spring, one of our ripples carried Changing Perspectives all the way to Meadows Elementary School in Manhattan Beach, California. Special Educator Heather Tuttle recently shared how Changing Perspectives become the focal point of a student leadership initiative:

“I am always on the lookout for resources to help enrich my students’ lives and to promote tolerance and acceptance. I decided to use the Changing Perspectives curriculum to both develop student leadership while also promoting disability awareness. I’m proud to write that this model has been a big hit, and I can’t wait to nurture a new batch of 5th graders who are eager to continue doing this important work this year! Changing Perspectives has enriched the lives of my students, their families, and our community. We are all the better for it.”

Because of innovative educators like Heather, to date nearly 10,000 preK-12 students have participated in a Changing Perspectives program. This would not have been possible without our generous donors.

We invite you to help us expand our circles of empathy and kindness to reach thousands more students this year.

And, by becoming a new Changing Perspectives donor today, you can double the impact of your contribution! Dr. Peter and Mrs. Marjorie Stern will match gifts made by new donors through December 31. The Sterns shared their thoughts about the value of our programs: “Changing Perspectives provides ways for young people to experience how those who may be different from them live their lives. The experiential curriculum creates a comfortable place for expressing curiosity and relieving the fear of unfamiliarity, thus promoting more open communication.”

Your contribution will help Changing Perspectives continue promoting awareness and inspiring empathy.

Please donate to ensure that more students can access Changing Perspectives.

Thank you,

Sam Drazin, Executive Director

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