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Samples of our Workshops

Empowering Students with Differences

Empowering students with differences helps them to cultivate greater self-confidence and self-advocacy skills. This workshop highlights the value and positive outcomes of this critical process and introduces educators to specific techniques for empowering students...

Exploring NeuroDiversity

Neurodiversity describes the understanding that all human brains are diverse. Neurodivergent people interact, experience, and interpret the world in unique ways. Sometimes, such differences creates challenges, but they can also lead to new ideas, innovations, and...

Facilitating Inclusive Play

Inclusive play supports students in breaking down social barriers, fostering continued respect of diversity, and becoming inclusion leaders in their schools and beyond. In this workshop, we explore the importance of inclusive play and strategies for facilitating these...

Our Latest News

Social-Emotional Learning and Student Mental Health

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, the mental health of K-12 students was already a growing concern. However, the pandemic has worsened this mental health crisis even further. Lockdowns, extended periods of virtual learning, social isolation, and the impact of the virus...

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