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The Power of Positive Attention

From Child Mind Institute: "Studies show that praise for behavior you want to encourage gets more results than calling out behavior you want to stop. Learn how to positive attention to change behavior."

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Beginning the School Year With SEL

From Edutopia: "The beginning of a new school year is an exciting time. An elementary classroom’s layout and routines that begin on day one can help start the year with a focus on social and emotional learning."

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Encouraging Teens to Develop Self-Regulation Skills

From Edutopia: "Teachers can guide teens to further develop self-regulation skills, a critical factor in learning and problem-solving. When students understand their individual strengths, they can advocate for themselves and meet their own needs."

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A Classroom Where Everyone Feels Welcome

From Edutopia: "School leaders and classroom teachers should view their school or classroom spaces as culturally inclusive classroom communities where everyone is welcome. Here are six strategies for building the strong relationships with students."

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