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Supporting Schools & Educational Communities

Changing Perspectives provides services to educators, school leaders, and educational communities throughout the year to support ongoing and systemic change. We offer workshops, trainings, classroom visits, and individual consultations.

Supporting Schools of Different Sizes and Types

Our holistic, customizable approach enables us to work successfully with schools of any size (urban, suburban, rural) or type (public, private, charter) to provide the greatest outcomes for students of all ages.

Working with all
Educational Community Members

We work with all members of a school community to support social-emotional learning, equity, and inclusion holistically for the best long term outcomes.

Partnership Approach

We work collaboratively with your organization and it’s members to ensure the best outcome.

Customizable Program

Changing Perspectives services are not one size fits all. We customize to fit you and your community’s needs.

Holistic Model

We work with the whole, integrating your organizations different communities to ensure the best outcomes.

Ongoing Support

Our work with you is ongoing, providing support and services as you need.

If you envision a more inclusive and equitable school culture, Changing Perspectives has the resources you need.

Get a Free Consultation

We are committed to relationship building and collaboration. We view each school we work with as a collaborative partner, working alongside Changing Perspectives experts to achieve positive outcomes.

School Consultations

Professional Development

Training is available in several formats to support educators,  paraeducators and school leaders. Available options include; full and half-day workshops, individual or small-group coaching , and classroom visits.


Through workshops and resources we strive to engage families in meaningful conversations on how they can support their students at home. Families are collaborative members of the Changing Perspectives team.


Changing Perspectives works directly with  students through in person or virtual workshops and assembly style presentations. Content focuses around the themes of kindness, empathy and inclusion.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Find out more about our school consultation services.

Changing Perspectives

Changing Perspectives is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization registered in the US under EIN 46-3115902

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