School Leaders

Working collaboratively with school leaders to support high level decision making is an integral part of achieving systemic change in any school community. Below are several options for the way in which Changing Perspectives can support the school leaders in your school.


Virtual Coaching and Support
Changing Perspectives coaches are well versed in connecting with individual or small groups of school leaders in a digital world. Meetings are typically 30 minutes-1 hour in length. Coaching sessions begin by establishing a clear measurable goal. Virtual consulting is an opportunity to check the pulse on the larger system changes being worked on or to troubleshoot individual obstacles as they arise.


Social-Emotional and Inclusion School Audits
A typical site visit takes between 1-3 days depending on the size of the school and depth of the assessment requested. Prior to the audit Changing Perspectives staff will work with school leaders to determine what key pieces of information they hope to receive from the assessment. During the site visit Changing Perspectives staff will visit the school and observe all aspects of the school day. Following the site visit an assessment report will be prepared and shared with school and district leaders.

Individual or Small Team Coaching
Individual or small team coaching provides an opportunity to evaluate current successes within a school as well as addresses areas of continued need from a systems standpoint. School leaders are poised with the opportunity to see structures and systems of their school from the 30,000 foot view. From that view Changing Perspectives staff can help school leaders determine the necessary steps to achieve the change they desire. Meetings typically range from 1-2 hours.

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If you envision a more inclusive, equitable school culture, Changing Perspectives has the services and resources to help you achieve that vision.

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