Pre-K Empathy & Kindness Curriculum

All of our programs are designed to be flexible so educators can create, structure, and implement a program that supports their schools’ goals for essential social-emotional learning.

Pre-K Sample Lesson PDF

Pre-K Sample Lesson

Our PreK Empathy & Kindness curriculum is an activity-based program that gives schools the tools, resources, and support to implement activities and lessons that align with social-emotional goals for early learning. Five curriculum units offer original 15- to 20-minute lesson plans and a list of relevant, age appropriate books that help lay a foundation for essential social awareness and relationship skills:

  • Understanding Empathy lessons support educators in mindfully and deliberately nurturing empathy as an essential life skill for their students.
  • Using Kind Language lessons help educators introduce communication strategies that support emerging receptive language skills and vocabulary for expressive language around differences.
  • Learning about Others activities help children explore how they are alike and different from their peers and the value of those similarities and differences.
  • Being a Good Friend and Community Member lessons focus on helping students begin to understand what friendship is and how they are connected to their peers and community.
  • Interacting with Others activities create opportunities for students to practice key skills and strategies for building healthy relationships.

In addition to our classroom curriculum materials, we also offer optional resources to help educators connect with families and extend learning beyond the classroom. Materials include, but are not limited to, parent newsletters, tips for holding a parent information event, and more. 

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