Parent involvement is vital to supporting the whole child both at school and at home. Changing Perspectives is pleased to offer parent programming and parent educational materials as part of our consultation offerings.


Parent Workshops
Parent workshops are an opportunity to engage with parents to educate them on the work Changing Perspectives is doing in the school and offer support, resources and advice on how parents can continue to support SEL at home with their children. Parent workshops are typically no more than 1.5 hours in length and provide ample time for conversation. The specific content in each workshop will be determined between the school and in collaboration with Changing Perspectives.

Parent-Child Learn Together Workshops
These workshops are a unique experience for parents to attend with their children. This workshop is discussion based, facilitated by Changing Perspectives staff to guide parents and children through a series of activities and conversations to better support one another in the development of social-emotional skills.


Parent Portal
The Changing Perspectives parent portal is a cloud based virtual learning community. The platform allows for the sharing of information and resources to support parents in promoting social-emotional learning at home with their children.

  • Access to webinars (live and prerecorded)
  • Resources such as articles, links to other resources, tips and tricks etc.

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