Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is a critical part of every child’s education. SEL is a framework for helping students develop the skills for how they interact with others, manage their own emotions and behaviors, and develop into confident, productive, and empathetic individuals.

Social-Emotional Learning includes five competencies:


Recognizing one’s emotions, thoughts, and values. The ability to know your strengths and weaknesses and have self-confidence.


To control one’s emotions, thoughts and behaviors, manage stress and control impulses, and be self-motivated.

Social Awareness

The ability to relate to and empathize with others including those with backgrounds different than yours. The ability to understand and operate within ethical norms.

Relationship Skills

The ability to create and maintain healthy relationships including with those from different backgrounds. To communicate with others, listen, cooperate, and stand up to negative pressure. To work though conflict productively.

Responsible Decision-Making

The ability to make constructive and healthy choices about personal behavior and social interactions. To be aware of and responsive to potential consequences.

Changing Perspectives supports social-emotional learning in two ways.

Looking for free at home social-emotional learning resources to support students? Changing Perspectives offers complimentary resources for parents to support social-emotional growth and development while at home. Click Here to access.

  Changing Perspectives is pleased to announce that we are offering a variety of updates to our curriculum resources and online platform for fall 2021.

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Changing Perspective’s Curriculum Resources provides educators with the materials to support students as they develop the essential skills around disability awareness, empathy, inclusion, and equity.

An annual Changing Perspectives Educator Portal subscription includes:

1. Access to all of our grade level resources:

PreK • Elementary • Middle School • High School

2. Educator and Parent Resources

3. Interactive features, such as our online teacher planner

4. Technical support from the Changing Perspectives team

An annual Changing Perspectives Educator Portal subscription includes:

1. Access to all of our grade level resources:

PreK • Elementary • Middle School • High School

2. Educator and Parent Resources

3. Interactive features, such as our online teacher planner

4. Technical support from the Changing Perspectives team

Our online portal is available 24/7, includes educator supporting materials, an interactive lesson planner, and technical support. Our curriculum is educator created, reviewed, and aligned with Common Core Standards and CASEL Competencies.

Social-Emotional Learning

50+ Lesson Plans
(20-45 minute duration)

60+ Book Discussion & Literature Units

50+ Videos & Discussion

Parent Resources

Educator Resources

Middle School
Social-Emotional Learning

20+ Lesson Plans
(25-45 minute duration)

20+ Videos and Discussion

Educator Resources

Ready to Get Started?

Changing Perspectives SEL and disability awareness curriculum resources are accessible through an annual paid subscription to the Changing Perspectives Educator Portal. An individual subscription is $125 with volume discounts available. The Educator Portal is an online platform that allows users to access an array of customizable curricular resources, parent resources, educator implementation guides, and more.


Changing Perspectives engages school communities throughout the year to support ongoing and systemic change. We offer workshops, trainings, classroom visits, and individual consultations. On site and virtual, as well as hybrid, options are available. 

Our Program Works For

Different Types of Schools

Urban, Suburban, Rural,
Public, Private, Charter

All Community Members

Educators and Paraeducators,
School Leaders, Parents, Students

Benefits of Our Program

Partnership Approach

to emphasize collaboration

Customizable Program

to fit your communities needs

Ongoing Support

not one and done

Holistic Model

integrating community members


Virtual and Onsite

to best adapt to your needs

Professional Development Workshops

We provide professional development workshops to educators, paraeducators, and school leaders to support SEL for all. Some of our topics include:

What is SEL and Why Is It Important? 

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a critical part of every child’s education and can be nurtured even when students are not in school. In this training, we will break down SEL into core areas of focus, review impact data, and provide participants with context for social-emotional skill building in the classroom and beyond.


Building Inclusive Communities To Support Social-Emotional Growth

Through honest discussion and reflection, this workshop helps school communities assess how their school currently addresses social-emotional learning and inclusion for all students. We will identify not only barriers, but also existing supports and new strategies for fostering inclusion throughout the learning community.


Empathy and Sympathy: What’s the Difference?

Empathy is recognized as one of the most important 21st century skills and is a driver for more meaningful and positive relationships. This workshop explores the difference between empathy and sympathy and the roles they play in nurturing connected, engaged learning communities. Educators will reflect on their own abilities to demonstrate empathy while gaining tools to explicitly teach empathy to their students through the lens of disability

We are committed to relationship building and collaboration. We view each school we work with as a collaborative partner, working alongside Changing Perspectives experts to achieve positive outcomes.

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