High School Disability Awareness Curriculum

Our High School disability awareness curriculum is designed to inspire an evolution from awareness to understanding to action. It includes lessons, book recommendations, call to action project ideas and resources and activities to spark discussion.

Why Teach Disability Awareness?

One of the ways we engage schools is through a lens of disability as an entry point for opening discussion and developing awareness of diversity and differences of all kinds. Disability is diversity; it is the world’s largest minority. It touches everyone in some way and is the only minority group into which one can be born or become a member of at some point through an accident, illness, or aging.

To prepare teens to become inclusive leaders beyond school, we must provide them with meaningful experiences to learn about differences in safe and respectful ways that promote empathy and connection. When we promote disability awareness, we create pathways to support students’ social-emotional competence.

This Curriculum Features:

  • 40+ Lessons Within 12 Learning Modules (30 minute duration)
  • 50+ Book Recommendations
  • 10+ Call To Action Project Ideas and Resources
  • 10+ Activities to Spark Discussion (15 minute duration)


Our High School Disability Awareness & Call To Action Curriculum is designed to inspire an evolution from awareness to understanding to action. Curriculum resources are divided into 12 main modules:

What is Empathy?
Language & History Around Disability
Assistive Technology

Learning Disabilities
Hearing & Vision Impairments
Social-Emotional Challenges
Mental Health

Physical Disability
Disability in the Media
Famous People with Disabilities

Think you don’t have time to build awareness into a busy high school schedule? Our SPARK!5 activities feature games, discussion prompts, and other ideas to ignite interest and dialogue in 15 minutes or less, making them perfect for homeroom or advisory blocks.

Young adults have the opportunity to change the world. Our curriculum includes resources to help educators facilitate student engagement in hands-on service learning projects that encourage inclusion and equity in their schools and communities.

Ready to Inspire Your High Schoolers?

Changing Perspectives curriculum resources are accessible through an annual paid subscription to the Changing Perspectives Educator Portal. An individual subscription is $125 with volume discounts available. The Educator Portal is an online platform that allows users to access an array of customizable curricular resources, parent resources, educator implementation guides, and more.

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