Grades 3-5Videos to Support Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) - Changing Perspectives

Grades 3-5
Videos to Support Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

“Kindness Boomerang ‘One Day’”
5:44 • Life Vest Inside

Discussion Questions

  • Name four acts of kindness you saw in this video.
  • What could you do to start a ripple effect of kindness?
  • Why are acts of kindness important in our world?

“Why Do We Feel Emotional?”
5:34 • SoulPancake

Discussion Questions

  • What are emotions?
  • Why do you think people feel different emotions?
  • Do you think it is important to talk about emotions? Why or why not?

“What is Empathy?”
2:43 • Start Empathy

Discussion Questions

  • How do the kids in the film define the word “empathy?”
  • What does the word “empathy” mean to you?
  • Have you ever shown empathy to someone? What did you do?

“What Causes Anxiety and Depression: Inside Out”
5:58 • Mind Set

Discussion Questions

  • How does this video describe anxiety and depression?
  • Have you ever felt anxious or depressed? What made you feel that/those emotion(s)?
  • Do you think it’s important for people to experience positive and negative emotions? Why or why not?