Coaching & Technical Assistance

One thing that sets Changing Perspectives apart from other curriculum-based programs is the availability of technical assistance, coaching, and professional development for partner educators (e.g., teachers, school counselors). This support ensures that partner schools are able to implement the curriculum in a way that makes sense for their students. It also gives educators opportunities to hone or gain skills and strategies that support respect and inclusivity in their school communities. Schools can mix and match coaching and professional development to meet their specific needs.


Beyond basic technical assistance, we offer individual and small team coaching. Coaching is offered at a rate of $75/hour for virtual sessions or in-person sessions; travel costs may apply for live sessions. Here are examples of how schools can structure coaching:

Pre-program Coaching (prior to program implementation)

  • Educator(s) and coach work together to discuss the student body and demographics.
  • Coach assists educator(s) to fully understand the curriculum structure (PreK, K-8, HS)
  • Coach and educator(s) select lessons that are most beneficial for their target audience.
  • Coach and educator(s) develop a customized program using Changing Perspectives materials.

Peer Coaching (during program Implementation)

  • Coach and educator(s) team-teach one or more lessons.
  • Coach and educator(s) conduct peer observations and reflections for teaching lessons.
  • Coach conducts observations and provides feedback for educator(s).
  • Coach and educator(s) look at student work and assess growth in understanding.
  • Coach is available to answer questions/provide guidance throughout implementation.

Post-program Coaching (after program implementation)

  • Coach and educator(s) reflect on the experience (e.g., what went well, what they’d change).
  • Coach gathers feedback from students and educator(s).

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is part of your school’s subscription fee and includes:

  • Support for technical issues related to the online educator portal.
  • Support in connecting schools with guest speakers.
  • An initial 30-minute planning meeting per program year (August 30 – June 30), which may include assistance with selecting program content areas and scheduling.