Available Fall of 2022 - Changing Perspectives

Available Fall of 2022

New Content

New Features

Changing Perspectives is pleased to announce that we are offering a variety of updates to our curriculum resources and online platform for next fall.

At Changing Perspectives we strive to ensure all of our resources are relevant to supporting educators in addressing issues of social-emotional learning, equity and inclusion of their students. In addition, our online platform is designed to include easy, intuitive and customizable functionality.

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New Curriculum Resources

  • Disability Awareness pre-assessments and post-assessments
  • A greater variety of SEL Check-Ins
  • Additional educator implementation guides specific to teaching┬áSEL with focus on race
  • A variety of new lessons, books and videos in each grade level
  • Bilingual Student worksheets (english & spanish)
  • Continued expansion of our online resource library

Improved Online Functionality

  • A search function to more easily find the resources you are looking for
  • Enhanced planner functionality for easier user experience
  • A ‘notes’ feature for adding comments to your planner
  • Revamped assessment section for quicker assessment sharing and review of results

We value our school partnerships and hope that you will work with us next school year. To begin planning or to request an estimate of the costs of our program next year, reach out to us today.

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